Turi Children’s Project

When St Andrew’s School started 80 years ago there were already some buildings on the school site.  An old wooden farmhouse that became staff accommodation. Part of it is our current Senior School art and design block.

During the Second World War it was used as a Secondary School, called St George’s.  In 1952 Pa Lavers, the Head of the school,  gave a section of St George’s to the local settler farmers in Turi to set up a social club down near the railway station. This club was used by Turi teachers as a place of relaxation right up to 1999 when the school built its own staff club on its present site.

The old Turi Club building, on 2 acres of land, became neglected for the next few years. A small group of local Kenyan men became trustees of the land and building and kept the place from being taken over or vandalised, in the hope that one day it could be used to help the community.

At the end of 2010 the church Pastors in Turi were challenged to think about something practical they could do to share the gospel of good news in a practical way in Turi. They agreed that they would like to run a community project to help disadvantaged children, of which there are many in the area due to AIDS and families displaced after the 2007 elections.

Our school charities were able to bring together over twenty of these pastors with the club trustees to work on a joint project to be called the ‘Turi Children’s Project’ (TCP). The trustees of the club made the land and building available to the project and we are in the process of designing and building a centre where local orphans and children, living in very poor conditions, can come for help.

Our Mission Statement states:-

‘To reach out to support needy children in the local community of Turi,  in the name of Jesus’

We plan to build a centre where children can come for:-

  • Provision of food and other basic necessities e.g. school uniform in needy cases.
  • Opportunities for games, recreation and relaxation
  • Help with school work
  • Occasional medical check ups
  • Advice and counselling

It will be run by local volunteers drawn from Christians in the community and it is expected that St Andrew’s pupils will be asked to be part of that team of helpers.

Turi Children’s Project has been registered with the Kenyan government as a self-help community group.

‘Love in Action’ in the prep school and the Senior School charity have agreed to work together to help the local leaders to get this project up and running and give help in financing the new building.


Your support, interest, gifts and prayers are essential to the success of TCP.

John Eames (Project Co-ordinator)