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Many communities were torn apart after the devastating violence that followed the 2007 elections in Kenya. As is so often the case with these sorts of conflicts, children were disproportionately affected, some losing their parents, others unable to attend school and still more needing psychological counseling and a sense of security to recover. Turi Children’s Project has taken on the challenge of helping these children resume normal lives. Our Project is a community initiative housed on two acres of land with the goal of helping poor children by providing food, games and basic medical needs. But as with any charitable organization, we must have the funds to continue operating and providing services to those in the greatest need. Here’s a few of the things we want to do at Turi Children’s Project.


Build a Community Centre


This is the hallmark of our Project, building a permanent site where children can take shelter. Within this Centre, we will provide nutritious meals, hand out school uniforms, offer recreation, games and a place to relax, educational assistance, basic medical visits and one-on-one counseling with an adult.


Spread the Gospel


Another one of our major goals is to establish a place where we can spread the Gospel to as many children and adults as possible. Turi Children’s Project was born from the desire of several local pastors to find a more effective way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children who had been displaced or affected by the violence following the 2007 elections. The pastors joined forces with various school charitable organizations and decided to build a centre that would have multiple functions, all geared to changing the lives of disaffected children.




Simply put, we can’t achieve our goals without help. We have an army of trained and dedicated volunteers who are already at work helping the children, but without the Centre, our long-term goals won’t be met. We’re in the business of investing in children, because the future of Kenya depends on how well we nurture and raise the next generation. War, famine and AIDS are the scourges of development. With your help, we can meet these enemies at the gate and beat them back. Every child deserves a future. Your donation, small or large is another brick in the construction of a dream house. Others have already given because they believe in what we’re doing here. Please join them and help save a child’s life.


For more information about Turi Children’s Project, or to make a donation, please visit


Baby Martha Ayuma And Her Brothers

Baby Martha 


This is baby Martha Ayuma. She was born in Molo district hospital in December 2013,  and weighed 2.5 kg.

We support her through the Love in Action programme by providing the mother with formula milk every month to feed her.

Baby Martha’s mother is very happy because the baby now weighs 5.2 kg and looks healthy and fit.  She said that we have really saved her child by this help.

Baby Martha’s brothers come to TCP and we help pay their school fees, uniform and support the whole family with food once a month. We would like to thank all the people who continue to support us. The help you provide goes along way in assisting the families and children that are members of the Turi Children’s Project.


January 2014 – Lily’s visit to TCP

Everyone having fun with the new skipping ropes! Lily and some of the kids Managing the vegetable garden


“Turi Children’s Project is such a happy place where local children visit after a day at school and receive some much needed tender loving care.

I had the chance to spend three days at the project, where I met the incredible staff who make TCP happen each day plus all the wonderful children who have come to know TCP as their second home.

Providing a hearty meal, help with school work, and lots of games; TCP not only helps to meet the immediate needs of these children, but also aims to provide them with a real hope for the future by teaching them that they each have a God-given purpose in life.

It was such a joy to play catch with the children, take pictures of them and see how much they enjoyed posing for the camera and just chat with the older girls about our lives and their dreams for the future. I was so impressed with their English, which completely put my little Swahili to shame.

What struck me most about the project was the dedication and care for these children from Michael, Sarah, Francis and the rest of the team. Not only do they play games with the children and provide a meal, but they take a holistic approach to running the entire project, from planting and growing vegetables to generate a sustainable food source to providing counselling and meeting with each child’s family to ensure the right care is being provided.

During my time spent at TCP, I have met children who have made me laugh so much with their boundless questions and quirky quips but also a team of staff who demonstrate God’s love in the work that they do every day and I am very much looking forward to seeing how the project continues to go from strength to strength in the future. I would encourage anyone who is local and yet to visit TCP, to pop by and see this happy, flourishing environment in action. You will be made to feel so welcome and greeted with a high five and a cheerful ‘Amina!’.”