Katie’s Half Marathon

Katie is very kindly running a half marathon on the 3rd of March to help raise funds for TCP. Below are the details of the event, these have been taken from her fundraising page on Charity Giving:

“Anyone who knows me well would probably agree that I am one of the least likely people they know to participate in a half marathon. I concur…however I have given into peer pressure and signed up for the Kilimanjaro Half-Marathon in Tanzania (on 3rd March) during the first weekend of my half term. I have been forced to confront two of my major dislikes – running and early mornings – all in an attempt to hopefully raise money for our School Charity.
Turi Children’s Project is an invaluable support to kids who have very little and live in the village just outside our school gates. Many of them have lost their families and their clothes are in tatters. They’re not always sure where their next meal will come from. We are in the middle of creating for them a building to meet in, some climbing frames and aim to provide them with a hot meal each day.

I would be hugely greatful of any support you can possibly provide but in sponsoring me, please just be aware that the half marathon will be completed with a mixture of running and walking – I haven’t done quite enough early mornings to complete 22km at a fast pace! Thank you so much in advance.

Katie xxxxxxx”


A donation would help TCP to raise enough funds to complete the building project, along side the financial support we’re sure that donations would help spur Katie along on the difficult half marathon.

Donations can be sent via Charity Giving, this is a safe and secure way to donate money. The button below will take you to her fund-raising page:

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Please add motivational comments and messages below for Katie.

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