Love In Action

Love in Action

We want to help people less fortunate than ourselves

by showing practical Christian ‘love in action’.



Our Preparatory School charity started in 2009 in response to the realisation that we are a privileged community living in an area of rural poverty.

Through the efforts of pupils, staff and parents, we have raised money to instigate a variety of initiatives to help individuals, families and larger groups of people in the neighbourhood. We try to work through our local church links in Turi (currently over 20 churches) as well as with the Turi Chief and her administration.

We are working with Turi Sulgwita Primary School to run a lunch programme for some of the most vulnerable children in the school. We also provide uniforms for those children who would otherwise be prevented from attending school because of this cost to the family.

We have provided food parcels for needy families through our network of local partner churches.

We have helped the Talents Church Boys’ Home in Elburgon to increase their self-sufficiency by helping them to build a pig-sty and start breeding and selling pigs to generate income for future development.

One of the problems locally is shortage of work and this means that families, especially single-parent families, struggle to even buy food. We have started to offer small business loans to help local women to start up and run small scale businesses and become self-sufficient.

Our biggest and most exciting challenge is an initiative with Turi Churches and the local community to set up a day care project to help support vulnerable young people. Called Turi Children’s Project (TCP), our mission statement says we will aim ‘to reach out to support needy children in the local community of Turi, in the name of Jesus’.

If you are able to help finance any of the work, donations may be made through the school designated ‘Love in Action’.