The New TCP Building Plan

TCP Architects Drawing

WHO are we? The Christian community in Turi. This includes church groups, the local chief and administration, community groups, schools and the pupils and staff at St Andrew’s School, Turi

WHAT are we doing? Building a centre where we can work with disadvantaged young people; offering a range of services to needy young people in the community.

WHY is this necessary? Owing to post-election violence in 2007/8 there are hundreds of internally displaced people living in camps or with relatives in our area.They are landless and jobless and many are  orphans. Although HIV and AIDS are being managed by the medical services there are many orphans living in child-headed households or    with elderly or distant relatives. The local community in general do not have jobs and live from hand to mouth on a daily basis. How to help is a real challenge for us as Christians.

WHERE will the project be sited? We have been generously given a piece of land which was the site of the old ‘Turi Country Club’ . We have demolished the (nearly 100 years old) clubhouse, cleared the land and had plans for the centre drawn up and costed.

WHEN will building start? We need around 2million Kenyan shillings – that’s around £14,000.There is no way that a poor community in rural Kenya can fund this project and we need help from Christian friends and churches around the world to fulfil our vision.

HOW will the project work? We have already employed a key worker to begin to identify needy families and individuals and implement a volunteer training programme to work in the centre when it is up and running.

We will provide food and other basic necessities e.g. school uniform in needy cases.

After school, children will be given opportunities for games, recreation and relaxation and offered  help with their  school work. Medical check-ups will be available from time to time in partnership with some of our church-run clinics. We will try to give advice and counselling to children and their carers.